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A Cognitive Perspective on Social Phobia

A Comparison of Attachment-Related Defenses and Ego Defense Mechanisms

A Phenomenological Study of Attachment and Juvenile Justice

A Study of Students’ Loneliness Levels and Their Attachment Styles

A systematic review of adult attachment and social anxiety

Adult attachment and social anxiety

Adult Attachment Interview Protocol


Anxiety and attachment styles – A systematic review

Apology forgiveness and reconciliation

Attachment dimensions and forgiveness of others

Attachment for Everyone

Attachment Forgiveness and Generativity in Midlife

Attachment in Individuals With Social Anxiety Disorder


Attachment orientations

Attachment Style Vagal Tone

Attachment styles and male sex addiction

Attachment styles at work Measurement Collegial relationships and burnout

Attachment Theory and Affect Regulation

Attachment Theory in the Workplace

Attachment Vagal Tone and Co-regulation During Infancy

Attachmentbegrebet dets historik og aktualitet

Avoidant and defensive

Behavioral styles in infancy and adulthood

Change your codependent thinking

Collins and Read Revised Adult Attachment Scale

Codependency Guide – 8 ways honor yourself

Did insecure attachment styles evolve for the benefit of the group

Different types of dissociation have different psychological mechanisms

En etologisk tilgang til personlighedsudvikling

Evolutionary mechanisms for loneliness

Five Counseling Techniques for Increasing Attachment

Forgiveness as a mediating variable between attachment style and adult love relationships

Forty-Four Juvenile Thieves

From Infant Attachment Disorganization to Adult Dissociation


Hiding personal information reveals the worst

Human Trafficking into and within the United States

Insecure Attachment and depressive symptoms

Interpersonal forgiveness in close relationships

John Bowlby Tilknytningsforstyrrelser

Looking for Attachment Solutions

Love Languages Poster

Love-Bombing A Narcissistic Approach to Relationship Formation

Loving the self affirmations

Lust attraction and attachment

Massages påvirkning på velvære

Navigating the Labyrinth of Love

Parenting Behaviors and Vagal Tone at Six Months Predict Attachment Disorganization at twelve months

Pathologies of Attachment

Peer Relationships and College Students’ Cooperative Tendencies

Promoting Attachment Through Play

Psychological Distress in erectile dysfunction

Relationship Sabotage

Romantic Love Conceptualized

Scared saviors

Significance Of Anger Suppression

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety in relation to self control depletion following social interactions

Somebodys Daughter The Domestic Trafficking of Girls for the Commercial sex industry

The Attachment Paradox

The attachment styles bases of loneliness and depression

The Body Speaks – Using the mirror game

The importance of attachment

The influence of adult attachment style on social anxiety

The origins of Attachment Theory

The relationship between parental attachment and sexuality in early adolescence

The role of attachment in violent offending

The role of attachment styles and resilience on loneliness

The role of attachment trauma and disintegrative pathogenic processes

The role of oxytocin and vasopressin

Tilknytning og tilknytningsproblemer

Tilknytning til andre mennesker

Tilknytning udviklingstraumer og stress


Tilknytningsteoretisk funderet forståelse af personlighedsforstyrrelser

Trauma dissociation and disorganized attachment three strand of a single braid

Typiske karaktertræk hos følelsesmæssigt umodne mennesker